Spielbar: Thursday 08/01/15. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

New Thread is up :slight_smile:

Tom (Australian Version), wants to run a Superhero game (with the 2nd [not 3rd] Edition rules of Mutants and Masterminds)

Any other plans?

Depending on what happens on the 1st is what’s available. Heroes has a few one session missions but mystery will happen only once per few months.

I could run something, too. Paranoia, perhaps?

I am IN

… And I am happy, and I love the Computer!

Happy new year!

Shoot, I wanted to come up with a concept for a M&M hero… sorry. Will try to think of something tomorrow on my holiday.

On the other hand, it’s been ages since my last Paranoia game and man, do I love the computer!

I’m totally up for paranoia! :smiley:

As far as thinking about the mooving-stuff hasn’t made me implode by then i guess i’ll be there.

what i read about it sounds awesome! definitely coming for paranoia. :smiley:

Yeah paranoia!
I’ll be there!