Spielbar: Thursday 04/09/14. Open Gaming Night. 7pm


Chylli will dm her second Shadowrun adventure for those who haven’t it played yet

btw. I noticed something in the rules regarding making Skill tests, where you have no Ranks in it.

[quote=“SR5 Corebook p130”]It is impossible to prepare for every scenario and only slightly harder to have every skill. When you perform an action without actually having the skill for the test, there’s still hope. You can default the skill, taking the test using only the attribute to form the dice pool. You don’t have any tremendous talent when you default — quite the opposite in fact. Defaulting imposes a –1 dice pool modifier.

Some skills are too technically demanding for you to default. In these cases, you don’t get to even try the test; you just fail. Pilot Ground Craft or Unarmed Combat, for example, are relatively simple skills that can be attempted without formal training, so you can default if you need to. Aeronautics Mechanic, on the other hand, is too complicated to try without some training (you could say it’s rocket science). Skills that cannot be defaulted are given in italics on the Active Skill List (p. 151) — and it’s also mentioned in the skill description.[/quote]

…and I could probably dm something

depends if I get enough free time to prepare premade player characters
will be a sci-fi scenario though

I’ll be there, too, next week and can also run something if desired. I was thinking about playing Marvel Super Heroes one of these days.

Ooooh, I so want to try Marvel.
I have been wanted to try it since I first heard about it since I first heard about it (I must have been 8 or so…)

I want to be on the Marvel team tooooooo^^

(so I will do the sci fi thing later)

Marvel sounds cool. I’ll be there and I’d be in on that!

I’d b be up for this too!

Uhm, no, I thought H will continue the police procedural and shadowrun pt. 2 will be one week later.

I don’t wanna DM next time… But there will be cake.

-H-'s police procedural would interest me too, if new recruits are still accepted for that!

Marvel on the other hand, let’s just say I wouldn’t absolutely have to… :wink:

Tom II won’t be there (and I’m not sure about Neil); since Homarus Homicide is a two-parter, it might be best to wait until we have a full cast. Thoughts?

[quote=“Simon”]Ooooh, I so want to try Marvel.
I have been wanted to try it since I first heard about it since I first heard about it (I must have been 8 or so…)[/quote]
RPG Vienna - where childhood dreams come true!

Seriously, I think that’s awesome. We definitely have to play this soon now.

Wait, aren’t you supposed to be at a conference or something? :nerd:

See you all on Thursday!

As H said I won’t be there. It’s a shame I’m missing marvel but not much I can do.

I’ll offer to run a game of Viking World on Thursday, for anyone not already sold on the Marvel train! :slight_smile:

…ever wanted to be a grim and mighty Raidleader, a hard-tinkering Craftyhead, a fearless Explorer, or one of the mysterious - and a bit weird - Godskin? This “mythical history”-inspired gig might be just the thing for you!

There will be opportunities for great feasts, barrels of ale, tribal strife, oaths of vengeance, uncharted wilderness, mighty fjords, misty swamps, and perhaps, just perhaps, some sinister otherworldly entities to fight and gain glory against…

(for 2-4 players, planned as a one-shot… it’s an Apocalypse World hack - so expect a rather rules-light, fiction-first type of game :slight_smile: )

Sounds fine by me.

Sorry I won’t dm, but this week is cake > dming.

Anyways since I’m back into my dwarven phase right now, barrels of ale sound fine.

Hey all!

I just joined the forum and discovered the Thursday game night!
If there’s still room, count me in for Viking World!

I should be there. Happy to play whatever has room. :slight_smile:

won’t be making it this week and probably next week too :frowning: - got family coming over.

Have Fun!

:smiley: I am really pumped up for Marvel tonight

see you guys

[spoiler=“Character”][size=170]Doreen Green[/size]


Won’t make it tonight afterall. Too grumpy to people.

Any summary of yesterday’s session?