Spielbar: Thursday 04/06/15. Open Gaming Night. 7:30pm

Anyone coming?

I would :smiley:

I’ll finally be free as well. Will drop by.

Makes 3 of us…(if you’re bringing your sidekick even four!)

Not coming tonight. Have fun and see you next week!

This soounds demotivationg…

Vanessa and I will probably be there although we will need to leave around 22:30-23:00

I won’t be there, but see you guys next week!

Well, something came up after all and I won’t be avle to make it.
(And I was sure today was supposed to work)
Sorry, folks. Next week, hopefully.

I have some sort of quasi-official dinner thing tonight, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it either. Very much looking forward to next week, though.

Have fun, all!

Well since it’s a bit vague today I accepted an invitation to another event.
Won’t be there either.

Due to lack of people myself, sam and vanessa won’t be coming.