Spielbar: Thursday 02/10/14. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

… and then we sacrificed Alan Moore to the Elder Gods.

plans for next thursday?

-H- will continue his game
I could probably dm the “Eclipse FATE” game a second time, for those who are interested

I am planning on running a small and autobiographic Call of Chtulhu game…


I wanna see that, in!

in !!!


Me too

I’m afraid after a week of attempted escape the flu got me. So no role-playing this week for me.

@Dartbinks: considering how I feel right now there will be no gaming on Friday aswell sorry :frowning:

I’ll be there, and play whatever is available! :slight_smile:

How many players are you looking for, Simon? Will we all fit at one table or do we need a second game?

Looking forward to Thursday. This has game of the year potential …

I dunno, I initially wrote it for four players. I guess, up to 6…

Game of the year? You guys are expecting way too much.

Oh great…for once i’m totally ill and you’re playing the game of the year

Did I say year? I meant century.

But hey, no pressure, Simon!

And get better, Chylli - catch you next week!

get better Chylli^^

so it is “only” Simon’s game of the century today?
see you guys

should I bring the Eclipse FATE game too?

I won’t make it today. Have fun guys!

doesn’t look like too many people today, but perhaps a few more will show up and it might be nice to de-burden Simon a bit?
Couldn’t hurt if you had it with you I guess. And I’d play in it, too!

I agree with Auburney. Just bring it in case more people show up. Wouldn’t be the first time… :slight_smile:

Fun night! Thanks for letting us be part of your life, Simon! :laughing: Sorry for al that GNS nonsense, though. :unamused: Next week, I promise, no talking about that Forge theory stuff!!