Spielbar Night Thursday January 11

So this week. Who’s coming? Who’s willing to run something? I can reprise my Shadowrun one-shot, but A) it’s only been a month; and B) so many people are so much better at GM’ing than me. Sososo. Who wants what?

I won’t be able to make it, but can I feign interest and request details for potential future participation?

Ah. Details? Uhm. You’ll see them here. Or go back through the other weekly posts to get an idea. Basically details = someone or two or three offers to GM something by posting here, and people show up. Generally we try to start around 7, but @Simon or @OddlyEd show up later, as does anyone who is working late that night. It’s nice if you let the GM’s know you’re coming, but we’ve also got a couple of really great improvisers. It’s way too disorganized for details, and yet somehow it magically works out every week.

I couldn’t play with you Shadowrun last year, I’m looking forward to do it this time!
(assuming B) @Siobhan will be the GM)

I will be busy this Thursday…

I’ll be there, always delighted to play Shadowrun.

If you don’t feel like DMing, I can run a reprise of that game we talked about in which the characters are music journalists. OK, ok, it’s not as exciting as wizards and space explorers, but hey, comp tickets!

Since both these games are about the 80s, I’ll be a happy camper this week!

See? A better GM!

Let’s see how many plan to come.

i think i’ll be there, i could in theory run my (or a) NWoD one shot, it’s mostly improv anyways :smiley:
i could also bring a DnD 5E one shot (only would need to prepare some characters for that)

of course i’d also be happy to play :stuck_out_tongue:

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The NWoD 1-shot was a blast. I highly recommend it to all!

I doubt I’ll be there this week, though. Kid released from hospital but still not doing so great.

Hope everything will be alright with your kid sooner rather than later, also thanks for recommending more work for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will be there tommorow!

It’ll be my first visit so I hope, theres a spot for me to play or watch (since the only system I’m familiar with is DnD 5e :wink: @Tersidian )

Would be very interested in Shadowrun aswell, though.

don’t worry about knowing the system, it’s kind of one of the reasons for these thursday meetup/oneshots :smiley:

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I will come by. Would rather like to play, but if the need arises I can GM my Western setting any time.

I will probably come. Haven’t had the chance to play Shadowrun last time, so I would really dig that :wink:

Damnit, I’m going to miss Shadowrun again! @Siobhan, please run it again sometime when I’m there! Pretty pretty please!

I should also be there.

Can’t commit to running anything thou - not had much time this week to prepare.

Of course I will. Basically, I have two different Shadowrun one-shots, thanks to @Simon, that are from Free RPG Day, so they are designed to be super easy to run. And once I have run them a couple of times, I might feel up to running some of the other one-shots I found online that are less rules light. So even if I don’t run one tomorrow (I want to play NWoD, too!), there’s enough stuff out there that I don’t have to invent for me to run a couple games a month all year. Which I won’t do, because I want to play, but I COULD.

First at all, Hi I’m new here!
Maybe I will come with a friend of mine and watch u playing. I’m really new into Shadowrun, but highly interested in learning the system some more :3


bring your friend, join the game(s), no knowledge of any of the systems is required really :slight_smile:

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i’ve had fun, hope everybody else had fun too

i forgot to ask wether todays shadowrun group acted more or less restrained than the one i was in :smiley: (assuming it was the same one shot, which it sounded like)

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