Spielbar - 28th 19.30

What are we running this week?

We were talking about an investigation scenario…

Alternatively, if that isn’t possible, I can probably write up another Prowler and Paragons game…

I will want to join this week.
I heard talk of Call of cuthulu, but I am up for anything

I heard talk of Call of cuthulu

Lo, behold! You probably just summoned our not-so-ancient-one (but great) Call of Cuthulu DM, @H !

Nevertheless, I’m in (for any of the above mentioned games)

I’m in too, whatever we’re playing

I can run my mystery game this thursday but I will require atleast 5 players. Worst case I can run something else.
I can’t say yet with 100% certainty I will be there but most likely. I will confirm tomorrow.

In for the mystery!

Did I hear mystery?

You did and I can confirm I’ll be there.
6 is the perfect number but I can always squeeze in another victim or 2.

I won’t be able to make it. Stuck at work till 21-22.00

That was awesome - thanks, all!

And we solved the case before the game even started! Eat your heart out, Holmes …

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