Spielbar 18th of April 6pm Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Original Scenario

Language: English

Location of Game: Spiel Bar, Vienna

Number of players: 2-6

Era: 1920s

Length: 1 to 2 hours.
(Can gauge if you want the short or long version either before or during play.)

Scenario Location: Outside of Chicago

Player Experience: Newbies, veterans or experts. All are welcome!

Pregen Characters Provided? Yes

Disclaimer Stuff:
This is a new scenario considered for publication by Chaosium. You can be noted as a test player for the scenario if you desire.

Formal Stuff
I’ve written a couple of things for Chaosium and need some brave investigators for slaughte… for test play purposes. Hope you can make it! Apologies for the short notice.

Too bad. I’ll be out of town. Maybe a re-run at some point!?


No problem! It’s not garnishing much attention as yet so I may have to reschedule anyway.

I’d like to join. May be there a little late though

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No problem! As we currently have only one player if you’re able to bring a friend that’d ensure we can run a game!


We’ve done some playtesting for CoC in the past and it’s always been fun. Just let us know whether you want supportive or supercritical mode!

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I always wanted to try Cthulhu so I would love to join. Just not sure if I’ll be there on time and I have no idea how it works.

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I’ll also join for this one! Hopefully we can get more test subjects.

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I’ll be there too.

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Don’t worry. I can definitely cater to new players.

I’m in if there are available spots!

I’m fairly confortable with the system but haven’t participated in playtestings before.

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Hey Alex. By my count you’re player number 6 so you got in just in time!

Hey Nolven! What time do you think you’ll arrive? About 6:30 or so?

Hey! I won’t be too late, around 6.10-6.15. Maybe even on time

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Percentile stats, roll under.

That’s the entire rules. The rest is fluff. No idea how they managed to fill a hardcover.

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No problem. We can wait.

whoops, it seems that I defaulted to usual rpgvienna Thursday time (19h) when planning for this.

I will be there around 18:30 - 18:45.

If the game allows it, start without me and I will join when I get there, I apologise!

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No problem.

I’m here now having a quiet beer. If you pop in early say hi!

En route!

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