SPIEL in Essen, Germany

Hey everyone!

I’ll be going to SPIEL in Essen, Germany, on October 25-27 with some friends, and I wanted to check if any of you might also be going or interested in going?

For those who do not know: SPIEL is the world’s largest board game fair, where large publishers as well as indie game studios showcase their newest games - you can play, talk with the creators, and buy what you liked.


If any of you would like to go, but cannot come, you can also shoot me a message in case you want anything from SPIEL. I will essentially go there with an empty suitcase just for picking up games, but space will nonetheless likely be limited ^^ Still, I can try to pick up what I can for you =)

Hello there,

I am going and working as a volunteer at the White Wizard Games booth on Thursday and Friday. So if you’re interested in any of those games don’t hesitate to come by to play a few rounds :slight_smile:

Nice! I’ll try to stop by, but I will only arrive on Friday :sweat_smile:

That’s a lovely offer, SheVa, thank you. Will shoot off a quick PM shortly!