Soccer tonight

Alrik and I will be taking in the game between Germany and France at Ye Olde AKH tonight. If any of you feel like joining us, just drop me a line …

Tomorrow, Tuesday 10pm Germany vs. Brazil at WUK.

-H- and me are going to be there.

I hope there will be enough touchdowns for the right team.
Have fun guys :slight_smile:

If I was Brazil I would burn all my dice and buy new ones.

Why? Germany made only one touchdown, that’s 7 points, right?

Hi! If anyone wants to see the world cup final tonight with -H- and me, you’ll find us at Spielbar at 8pm. We’d be happy if you come to cheer and trash talk with us during the match.

And if last week is any indication, you’ll get a sneak preview of the next scenario, too!

Feel free to join us, the more the merrier. Enjoy the game wherever you’re watching!