So, what's going on?

Hey gang!

So, amLash filled me in a bit on what was going down with the forum and his group, but as you know I’ve been away for a while. Use this thread to help me catch up! :smiley:

Neil sighting!

Just the usual melodrama. GJ killed Tam (a couple times, actually), Thoptes killed GJ. Xargoth killed GJ, too, I think. A bunch of people went crazy. It happens. Siobhan was revealed to be a spy. So was Simon.

This place is like a soap opera. Who comes up with these half-baked plot twists, anyway?

Was that Resistance? if so, I’m dying to play that. if not, I’m dying to play that.

Wait, you were talking about games?

In that case, um, I dunno. Somebody got some experience points or something. :smiley: