Small craftsmen who make fabulous custom gifts

With enough lead time of course…

Erin Battrick of TheDorkForge made the d20s with the custom carvings:

And Dominic Marriot of CritIt made the GM screen that actually struck SIMON speechless:

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I’ve been doing it wrong. From now on, I am using a dice dungeon:

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I don’t see any big enough to hold my entire dice collection…


Separate jails. If you jail them all together, they’ll just trade Bad Dice secrets.

Of course, if ALL your dice are Bad Dice, there’s always the greenfield option…

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WTH is the greenfield option?

It’s a term that means throwing it all out and starting fresh. Commonly used in reference to software written two decades ago, that needs constant updates and COBOL programmers to keep working. Always seen as the more expensive option, because it IS. In the short term.

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