Skreg says hello


Hey guys,

my name’s Alex, I’m 22 and from Vienna.
I’ve had my first DSA experience about 10 years ago, stopped playing after a couple sessions and until recently when I started DMing DnD 5e for a couple friends.

Starting this campaign, I realized that I don’t really know how to set up a campaing and that I don’t really enjoy DMing.

Long story short: I’d love to play with different people for a change!

Hope to maybe get a chance to meet and play with some of you guys!



Welcome Skreg.

We are having a weeklish get together on Thursday at the Spielbar if you want to come say hello. All are welcome to sit and play (or DM)!


Welcome to the group. Hope to see you at Spielbar one of these Thursdays, where we will, no doubt, conscript you into GM’ing. :wink: