Skreg says hello

Hey guys,

my name’s Alex, I’m 22 and from Vienna.
I’ve had my first DSA experience about 10 years ago, stopped playing after a couple sessions and until recently when I started DMing DnD 5e for a couple friends.

Starting this campaign, I realized that I don’t really know how to set up a campaing and that I don’t really enjoy DMing.

Long story short: I’d love to play with different people for a change!

Hope to maybe get a chance to meet and play with some of you guys!



Welcome Skreg.

We are having a weeklish get together on Thursday at the Spielbar if you want to come say hello. All are welcome to sit and play (or DM)!

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Welcome to the group. Hope to see you at Spielbar one of these Thursdays, where we will, no doubt, conscript you into GM’ing. :wink:

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