Site Updates

Tweaked the DarkFantasy style to make it more readable. Also added a bit of colour to the forum icons and the Site Logo to give it a bit of character.

Selecting a country flag is now mandatory for all new users (it’s replaced the Nationality field) Added two new Fields to the profiles that show up under your username in all the threads. Also removed some of the (IMO useless) Profile fields like ICQ number, MSN, Jabber etc.

I really need to stop tweaking now!

More tweaks (of course :unamused: )

Also, moved Private Forums to Subgroups of “RPG Groups”
Also made a quick mod to the code so posts in Subforums won’t show up in the forum icon on the main index page…For all the slightly OCD people :wink: (I count myself in that group!)

You can now attach zips, images and docs (PDF etc.) to posts and pms. File limit is 5 meg.