Show us your characters

I just came up with my first character last weekend and had a lot of fun coming up with a background story and was wondering whether you’d like to share your characters and their stories?

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Tbh I think most of the people here had various characters for various systems/games in their gaming lives. :wink:
Some characters even had their own forum accounts :smiley:
But I fear I had so many I wouldn’t know where to start.

So I reckon you are new to pen&paper and just created one for d&d 5e?

Silly me! I tend to “forget” about the plentiful diversity of rpgs, as I, like you correctly assumed, just got into D&D and am perhaps somewhat overly excited ^^

I AM talking about D&D 5th edition characters!
I think it would be nice to share some stories about some of your characters, just for nostalgia and inspiration =)

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I like the idea! Maybe we can talk about our first characters? For me, it was Garfell Paladin of Torm! I was on some MUD (basically a text based MMO from years ago… If anyone remembers those? :wink: ) and brought him back for Baldurs Gate. I still have a soft spot for him.

@Andy089, tell us about your character. Can you post a picture or maybe his character sheet?

Good idea, my “first” was a Elven mage called Olween…

My first character died horrifically after drinking a water weird.

Needless to say, I was hooked on these games for life …

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Unfortunately I can’t post an image of him as of yet, as I still have to find a way to create pictures of characters. As a matter of fact I am getting into drawing just so I can better convey my ideas of the character I am playing.
Also, I have to admit that I didn’t really spend an awful lot of time with the physical features of my characters (perhaps because I wouldn’t have a proper way to show them anyway).

Either way, the very first character I came up with is a Tiefling Warlock. He is of a noble family who ruled over a town for generations, treated their suspects quite well and was respected by the surrounding villages and town’s leaders.
However, their fortune was not to last, as a devious deity summoned it’s minions to repeatedly attack the town before tricking my characters great-great-grandfather into a pact: He would receive the deitie’s boon and immense magical powers. In return, whenever the first son is born into the family, his father will have to serve the deity until his demise, at which point the son will step into his father’s footsteps: Powerful, but free only until his son is born.
Thus, each generation has to decide whether it will follow the deitie’s call or pose a lose end on the family tree - and with to the entire lineage.
With his father slowly dying, my characters decides to forego the life of an aristocrat to seek out the deity and break the pact. While this will cause him to lose his powers, it also ensures the continuation of the family and a halt to the terror caused by a madman leading the town…

I have another, still very rough concept as well - a drow girl who was abandoned during a drow raid was taken in and brought up by dwarves. During another raid it witnessed how evil, yet powerful the drow are and found that the raid took place solely because the drow heard she is hiding with the dwarves. Wanting to protect her family she planned to run away. Knowing the magical potential she possesses, she decided to steal the dwarve’s family heir - an ancient spellbook and set out to put the drow into their place.
However, she still retains a hatred for surface-dwelling races. (she is a drow mage urchin)

I also have a rough idea of a Elvish Bard Hermit who is a bit of a hippie, a Pirate who is a bit like indiana jones and (and this is probably my favourite, as I can really identify with him) a dragonborn sorcerer sage who spent most of his life reading and reeeaaallyyyy…sloooowwwllyyyy…paaauusiing…aafteer…every…word… to the point where other characters don’t let him finish and it actually has an impact on his spellcasting.

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Hi all :slight_smile:

The last character I came up with was for the Cthulhu campaign “The fungi from Yuggoth”, that I am playing with my friends in Italy (still now, on Skype).

It was an Irish priest, whose name was Eamon 'O Hara. Practically, when he was young, he was a bodyguard (17/18 strength, 17/18 dexterity, 15/18 constitution) of one of the priests of the “Golden Dawn”, the sect of Aleister Crowley. Also one of his friends was part of the sect, Matthew 'O Toole and Lara 'O Sullivan. He has always been in love with Lara, but he was always to shy to tell her, and things got worse when he found out she was in love with his friend, Matthew. He had some basics about occultism, but he basically was there for his friends and because the priest of the sect found his physical characteristics useful for the sect itself.

His life changed dramatically when the priest he was supposed to protect performed an ancient rite to summon a demon, that revealed to be a Night Gaunt. Unfortunately, the priest was unable to control it, and the creature killed anyone but Eamon. At this point, knowing that no one on Earth would have believed his story, he decided to run away to USA and start a new life from scratch, thanks to the help of a far uncle who became a bishop in Boston, after changing his name in Matthew 'O Sullivan. There, following the uncle’s advices, he became a very charismatic priest (also helped by his constitution). After what happened, he reacted to the shock by becoming iper-religious, thinking that Jesus is the only one able to free the world from evil and to protect him from what he saw that night. However, due to its past, sometimes he can act violently.