Shadowrun 5

Hey Chummers,

I just signed up here and I am looking for a SR Group, most notably edition 5, but I am flexibel in this kind. My mother tongue is German and my English is supposed to be on C-Level. I am a bit experienced in pen and paper RPGs and I look forward to improve my Englis speaking skills in this way. I am not in a hurry and I need some preparation time before playing to read the rulebook and to create my character. I prefer to play face to face around a table, rather than online. Thus, I would be quite happy, if a gamemaster, who intends to start a new round, could send me a message!

So hope to see you soon Chummers,

welcome Chummer

sadly I cannot offer you a SR group, just some advice

I highly recommend using Chummer 5 for character creation
(do not forget to activate all books, you want to use under ‘Options’; otherwise the program will only “know” the Corebook)

the system is quite crunshy

have fun :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I will look!

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