Servas/howdy/'ello chaps


I’m new to Vienna
I need to feed the inner geek
I want a game with some fun, good people

I’ve never been to a city that has ‘got’ to you as much as Vienna. Earlier this year I was on (qu)EasyJet coming here for a short term contract. Now I find myself with permanent work, a nice place to live and the city at my feet. Only one thing missing…

I need to get the geek out.

So I found this forum, thanks Neil! I’ve been flicking back to this place for a couple of weeks now, and it seems to be full of good people with interesting things to say, so here I am. Due to my ummm… developing, shall we say… German language skills its great to find a place full of all kinds of nationalities looking for a game.

My RPG’ing career started the usual way as a kid playing Games Workshop games. Progressed into ‘proper’, cheaper(!) and more interesting historical wargaming then stopped. I guess university got in the way. Since then I played all kinds computer based RPG’s and MMORPG’s, Baldurs Gate and Eve Online being my favourites, with Friday night board games with friends and the odd Live Action Roleplay.

I am looking for a game of ANYthing. Really anything! There are so many good systems with D&D style rpgs (Pathfinder looks pretty cool) standalone boardgames and Indie games I can’t even begin to choose. So look at me as a playtest guinea pig :slight_smile:

Looking forward to talking to you guys and girls, and playing some games!


Welcome corduROY!

Have a look around, new groups spawn everytime. I’m sure you’ll find a place.
Might even be in a group with me.

Welcome! I am sure you’ll find a group in no time!