Servas and Hi =)

Hi everyone,

I came across this forum while searching for people who are interested in pen and paper rpg.

I am 34 years old and started playing pen and paper 16 years ago.
I played quite a lot of different systems like WoD, Shadowrun, AD&D, DSA, Gurps, MERP, Rolemaster etc.

I live in Vienna and work in IT. ( german is my native language )
I would describe myself as communicative, just, funny and curious.

I’m looking forward to read and contribute in this forum and eventually find a
nice pen and paper group I can join :slight_smile:

With kind regards,



Grab a beer and, if you have time, fill in your “want to play” profile :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

@Amlash, i will definitely do that, just wasn’t aware of it :blush:

/edit : i updated my profile, but to me the RPG system doesn’t matters but the people you play with :slight_smile:

Thank you for filling it out!
And you are right: the people make the game :slight_smile:

Seas Robby! welcome aboard :slight_smile:

… said the man who hasn’t filled out any such thing. :b

I have enough groups at the moment :wink:.

Not enough space in the “Playing” box right? :wink:

I need to keep my identity Secret as Captain Pathfinder and all that.