Selling some used RPGs and Boardgames

Hello everyone!

Due to very limited space in the new apartment I need to part with some of my RPG books and boardgames. I figured some of these things may find a new home here. All of these are in good condition. :slight_smile:

Here’s the list:

Roleplaying Games:

Iron Kingdoms (1st ed, D20 system):
World Guide
Character Guide
Witchfire Trilogy (HC collector’s ed.)
Monsternomicon 1
Liber Mechanika
Five Fingers: Port of Deceit
-> 10 Euros each, 50 for the bunch

Savage Worlds explorer’s ed. 5,-
Stormbringer RPG, 5th Edition 5,-
Star Trek: Next Gen RPG 5,-
Star Wars Galaxy Guide #10: Bounty Hunters (Westend Games) 5,-
DnD Players Handbook 4th ed. 10,-
Rifts RPG: Silver Collector’s Edition 10,-

Also a bunch of old Middle Earth Roleplaying System expansions from the 80s - if someone wants them - they’re yours :slight_smile: I don’t have the space and cannot bear to throw them away.

Warhammer Fantasy RPG :
Starter Box
Signs of Faith
The Edge of Night
Blackfire Pass
The Witch’s song
Creature Vault
All cards are in sleeves, includes a plastic sorting box for the tokens and and a large folder containing the cards and large character sheet cards. The game has hardly seen any use.
RRP ~ 290+$, I am asking 100€


Grind, by Privateerpress (gigantic steam-powered robots basically playing football. This one is brand new and unused) 10,-

Warhammer Invasion Cardgame:
Starter Box x3
Assault on Ulthuan x3
Warpstone Chronicles x3
The Skavenblight Threat x3
Arcane Fire x3
Truth and Clawx3
Path of the Zealot x3
Deathmaster’s Dance x3
Cards come with Deckboxes and in solid sleeves.
The game is in perfect condition.
RRP ~450$, asking 115 €

If you are interested in anything, please drop me a message. :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in Stormbringer, the Iron Kingdoms lot and Middle-Earth stuff…