Searching DM for online Game (NEWBIES)

Hey there,

We already tried to start playing DnD once, and due to having more time now, we want to give it a shot again.
We, that´s a group of friends knowing each other for a long time now, are bloody beginners. So we are perfect for a DM who wants to try something new, something weird, something crazy,… I could gather a group of 3-4 people, with enough preparation time up to 6. I think, at least.
So if you are out there, have some crazy homebrew stuff in that bottom drawer and are willing to teach some bloody beginners the magic of DnD, here we are.
Everything online, of course, but due to the modern possibilities, that should be no problem.

We speak German and English, (Even Spanish, if you have the patience to guess what we mean every second sentence), and are willing to learn.

Yours faithfully

Hello and welcome to the community!

I sent you a message about it :smiley:

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