Saying Hi

Greetings, forum-dwellers.

I’ve come across this forum by sheer accident. I’ve been considering joining a group since I moved to Vienna this year. No luck with that. Not only didn’t I know where to look for one, I’m also technically a newbie in the field who has read a ton of rulebooks of completely different systems and only playing a Rouge Trader Campaign over the internet. Reasonable, considering I was born, raised and lived most of my life in a slightly backwater Croatian town.
Oh well, can’t have everything in life.

Anyway, I’m interested in joining a group to get some experience in RPGs. And brushing up my language skills wouldn’t be bad either.

It’s a pleasure to meet you all.

nice to meet u 2^^

hope you enjoy living in vienna
and u have a nice timeing, i´m opening a new group as it is
wanna play?
its the carrion crown Adventure Path for Pathfinder^^

I’m lovin’ the city so far. It got quite a lot of things going for it.
I’d be delighted to join, if you’d be fine with me still being a bit green behind the ears.
What’s the group’s estimated size?

Right now it’s Bazhell GMing, and Frazzlerunning and me as players. So everything is possible. In my introduction thread “Yet another english preferring Austrain”, Bazhell has linked to a doodle-thing where you can make your preferred times known.

Just to make sure - when do you guys plan on starting? I’m currently abroad on a trip and should be back by the 21th. Are you planning on starting sooner or later? Other than that, I should be available at any time after.

most of us meet tommorow doing characters and stuff…
but there is no big problem when u are not there xD(no insult here)
we will just meet especially for your character^^


for making times
i will add more dates so that we can all begin when u are back^^

Ah, that would be great. I suppose I can just make a sheet in advance and present it, right? If everything is fine, it makes things faster. If not - nothing’s lost. :'D

if u already have the books and stuff u can make as much characters as u want^^
so far we have two “fighting” ones(fighter and barbarian)
one social who may be an sorcerer

so no pressure or anything^^

Welcome to the forums!

So, what kind of make up are you selling exactly?

Welcome! thanks very much for joining :slight_smile:

Thank you for the warm welcome, guys.

notices AmLash’s flag
What are the chances……

The oldest question of people of the same country: Where are you from?

From the small, yet somehow sunny city of Virovitica.

Oh I don’t know anyone from there, so nice to meet you :slight_smile: