Saying Hello

Hello new community of rpgvienna!

I’ve made an entry at enworld few years ago, and Neil contacted me at the beginning of this year. Since then he managed to get together a group of players for a game, and we play on a bi-weekly basis on Fridays. We went through his first adventure, which he managed to DM fairly well for a beginner, and now I am DMing a One shot next Friday. We will be having a full group though, so I can’t invite any more people.

Right now I have following groups I am in:

Legends of Otea: A self made system and world of a friend of mine
Pathfinder with Neils group as a player
DMing Dresden Files in Boston on a bi-weekly
Pathfinder as a DM - group is on hold though until November
Legend of the Five Rings - once every six weeks

I have experience in following systems:

Old and New World of Darkness
Dungeons and Dragons: Dragonlance, Arcana Evolved, Iron Heroes, 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder
Legend of the Five Rings
Call of Cthulhu

Mostly player experience. I only DMed one campaign until the end, all the others weren’t finished because of time problems with the group.

Right now I would have more fun as a player than a DM, but only if time would be one my side. Having too many groups has the disadvantage that you can’t really focus your spare time on thinking about the group, which is my problem at the moment.

I hope though that this forum becomes a gathering point for english speaking groups, so I will drop by regularly.

And maybe you guys want to meet once in a while, we are in the same city after all :wink: