Say Hello to the Mods!

Hello all,

Well, as we’re now approaching 100 members and my attendance around these parts is…well, lacking to say the least! :wink: I’ve decided to appoint some moderators for the site.

AmLash, Simon and -H-

AmLash has been around since the very beginning of this site and was the first person I spoke to about this murky world of roleplaying games :wink: . His knowledge of RPG systems is legendary and he’s a real asset to RPGVienna.

Simon’s knowledge is also vast and he’s always up for DM’ing whatever he can, whenever he can. He’s also a constant contributor to various threads and groups and his patience as a DM is a virtue.

-H- is one of the reasons why the Thursday night games are so successful. He’s also one who isn’t shy to DM whatever system that takes his fancy, sometimes making up systems on the fly and seeing what happens.

These are some of the reasons why I’ve chosen these fine gentlemen to be Moderators of the site but I thank every user for contributing and making this tiny community grow as much as it has…and long may it continue!