Save the dates

The last two years, we’ve held a little tournament during the first weeks of October. This year, that would be Oct. 8 and/or 15. What say you?

And speaking of traditions, there will be another Halloween extravaganza on Oct. 29. I’ve already heard rumors of costumes and candy. Boo!

… and speaking of traditions:
As an additional prize just for [color=#400080]GJsoft[/color]:
If he wins, I will tell him the secret of Columbia … or was it Colombia all along? Who knows?
… chun chunn chunnn

If the charming pirate team wins (like always), I will casually mention it for one year (again).

Arrrrrrrrrrrr! ARrrr AAAARRRrrrrrrrrr!!!

also Columbia

also Colombia

Sounds fair.
Send me an SMS and I’ll jetpack into the Spielbar

What’s the plan this time, yo?

Edit: Yer gettin’ rekt, yo!

If we can get the band back together, I’m in