Save the dates

Moving from the realm of pure theory to mere improbability, what say you to holding our tournament on October 9 and/or 16? That would place it a year after last year’s tourney - always nice to have traditions.

Also, speaking of tradition, since October 30 is a Thursday this year, I’d love to run another big-table Halloween game. Last October, players had to tangle with ghost trains, bad puns, undead cattle, and British mode. What will this Halloween bring? You can be sure there’ll be costumes, pumpkins and candy at the table … Don’t miss this one!

Sounds fun to me…

Now, I’ll need to find myself some disguise…

October 9 and/or 16 should in all likelihood work for me!

Halloween, let’s see. If its actually on a Thursday, the competition might be fierce… :wink:


Halloween itself is on Friday; that’s why this year is pretty much perfect for a game. I wouldn’t be able to make it on Halloween, either.

Can’t wait for this year’s Simonian costume!

ah, that’s good news then! :slight_smile:

Hope it’s not too late to declare interest. Because I’d like to do exactly that.