Saturday V.A.L.U.E. - brunch and D&D

Dear D&D fans,
post below if you are coming to play this Saturday.
All tables are open and any level of players is welcome.

Current status:
DMs: 1 (@Rayce_Kaiser T1-3 )
Players: 5

Please indicate in your post:

  • Do you come to DM or play?
  • Which Tier is your game or charachter

+1 to DMs karma for posting short description of the adventure.

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I would love to join a game as a player (T1-T2)

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Wont make it this week myself unfortunately :frowning: Will be updating the post to make sure we have enough DMs to run the event though.

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I can come and DM if enough people still sign up xD

Lost Minds of Phandelver :brain:

T1-T3 depending on who shows up :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would like to join as a player as well. T2 but adjustable.

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Hi MarkusW, added you as a player!

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Hi, I am new. I would also like to join as a player :smile: . Should I come a bit earlier so I could get some help with creating a character?

EDIT: I might not be able to make it. Some life stuff will intervene :frowning_face:


Location opens at 11am, if I’m the only DM, then game will start when all players are ready xD

So I’ll help you get started, just please have a bit of an Idea what you want to play :slight_smile:


I’d also join for some early saturday dnd, can play any tier :slight_smile:

I’d join, I’ve got a T1 if that works

Would love to join as player T1/2 :slight_smile:

Sorry, I am a little late

Thank you for the great Session.
That “Planeshifting” Mindflayer tho.
We got so closee

@Rayce_Kaiser thanks for a cool sesh, could you please outline the rewards here? I think I’ve missed that part

Hey all!

Thanks for playing, it was a blast!

As to rewards, everyone recieves 480GP, any amount of which can be replaced with gems, e.g. 300GP Diamond, 100GP Pearl

@teeeroy_jenkins gets 160GP and the gem reward as well


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