Salutations & Introduction

Hello there, pretty people.

My name is Kostas, I am from Greece and I like all things that have to do with Role Playing Games.

I have recently moved to Vienna, for a period of time that is not known to me as the history on the subject is still being written. I might be here for ever or I might be here for months. In any case it looks like I will be staying for the foreseeable future at least, so I decided to make myself comfortable.

In case I didn’t mention it, I like all things that have to with RPGs. Fantasy RPGs, Science Fiction RPGs, Alternate History RPGs, everything. But mainly I have indulged in Fantasy RPGs as you can’t forget your first love. And my first love was Dungeon & Dragons. Since that day I was hooked. I have a been a player, I have been a DM and I have been a NPC. Lately I am creating my own world to be used whenever I put an effort in DMing but that is a story for another time.

I have played D&D and Pathfinder most extensively. I have dabbled in FATE, Star Wars RPG (the one by Wizards) and Vampire the Masquerade. My first love was D&D and will remain so even if we disagree in most things. Which is why we have invented the homebrew content, but again I digress.

I found this thread/forum/group using the ancient technique of consultine the Great Oracle, Google. I thought about writing for a while now so here I am. I just wanted to say Hi and make myself known. I hope we get to known each other better, mainly because my social circle in Vienna can be measured using the fingers of a three fingered goblin.

I speak Greek (natively if I may say so myself), English (I can tell the difference between your and you’re) and basic German, enough to say thank you at the cashier for giving me the change in the supermarket.

That’s it, I already wrote too much and have taken up a lot of your time (if you are reading this). So, greetings once more and I hope we will have the chance to meet each other soonish.

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welcome :slight_smile:, make yourself comfortable and i hope to see you one of these thursdays for the open games :slight_smile:

Welcome to the madness!