Sacrifice Friday is upon us. What V.A.L.U.E. do you bring to the table? :)

Meeting place is Cafe 1070 @ burggasse 68, 1070 vienna

V.A.L.U.E. rules can be found here

Anybody who wants to dm a game please announce it here, anybody who wants to play please do so too. For DMs include a name for the adventure if possible as well as a level/tier range. For Players if you have a preferred game that has been announced please put that in your post as well as what level character you’re bringing.

I plan on being there, but not 100% sure yet.
If I manage I’d prefer to play and will be bringing T1 and T2 characters.

After a break I will join again as DM. Eberron is waiting for you. Let’s fight´The Iron Titanˋ (T1 Level 1-4). Will you save the town of Salvation?


My T1 :robot: will reboot to help Salvation^^

Ill come to play, buut Im going to be late.

i would be there too Player t1/ t2

I would come to play tier 1/2/3.

I would like to join with a freshly-reincarnated-and-likely-deeply-traumatised T1 character

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I will be there with T1/2/3 characters and I have a T1 adventure prepared to DM if needed

i’m not 100% if i can make it, but i might show up a bit late with a T1 character if thats alright:) (haha whats the threshold on acceptable lateness?)

Come as lat as you want. Just be prepared to join the table that is mid play^_^

I don’t know if I’m able to but I’ll probably be there T1-3. Probably won’t be able prep anything.

Will there be only one DM? I’d like to come and play again but don’t want to be superfluous at the table if it’s already crowded. It wouldn’t be a big deal to miss a session for me however so no big deal. I’ll check back tomorrow and assess the situation.
Edit: Oh yeah, and I’d play T1-T2. Now that my fighter is out of debt-bondage he is free to join some more adventures

If push comes to shove I will DM a T1 or a T 2 adventure. Ill look it up, and will say before coming.


DM (2)
(Resil, if needed)

Player (9)

Well, as it turns out something happened and I’m probably not coming today. Maybe next week. Have fun everyone!

I’d also join, never tried one of these AL / V.A.L.U.E. games :slight_smile:
If I understood the rules correctly I should make a lvl 1 char since it would be my first time here?

P.S. are artificers allowed in these games?

to answer your questions:

  1. yes!
  2. yes

Ill be there in 20 mins. Ill DM so that Joeder can be free for now^_^ T1 or T2

thanks @joeder for killing us all :slight_smile: and grats on your first TPK :smiley:

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Was it them pesky mimics?