Running a game via Roll20. Who's interested?


I remember a thread I made a while back (3 years ago in fact! :open_mouth: ) where I asked for some opinions on gaming via Virtual Tabletops like Roll20/Fantasy Grounds and the like. Some nice discussion in that thread.

I recently checked up on the current state of the VTTs to see how much they’ve improved. This, coupled with my renewed interested in D&D 5th edition gets me thinking I’d be really up for playing (or running) a D&D one-shot sometime soon.

Now, I’m sure that in the time since I posted the linked thread, some of you already have experience with Roll20 as a couple of you expressed interest (@Bazhell, @Simon ?)

I’d like to use this thread as a continuation of the linked one (pros and cons of online TT rpgs) and to also garner a bit of interest in a potentially upcoming RPG Vienna game.)

Any thoughts?

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I’d be in on it! :slight_smile:

I looked into it but never actually used it for a game…

I only got to game in a very short fantasygrounds game since after an hour or so the gm needed to leave for something Family related.

The Thing I can tell you is that both things advanced in spades and there is a very big following to it.

Roll20 has dynamic lighting if all the PC´s and such can handle it.

FG is the official 5e VTT now. Not cheap and have yet to buy it but the Thing you pay for is that all the random tables? roll for themselves. you can go to Volos guide and say give me random beholder. suddenly you got one, with Name and all.

oh and
yeah i would love to game with you all over the internet^^

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Audrey and I were talking about running a game on there one of these days in order to break through her transatlantic exile…

That’s who else I had in mind! I sent her a message a couple of days back but no reply as of yet. Biggest problem would be timezone. Still doable of course!

Second question would be, does everyone have Webcam and mic? (the minimum being a mic)

Mic is not compulsory as text chat is. available.
For Audrey, she had concerns about her connection and hardware, so her equipment might not be able to handle it…

I got a mic but no webcam (but that wouldnt be that big of a problem)

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For me personally, mic is compulsory.

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I’m currently running a campaign on roll20 and it’s quite nice.

If you prepare a little at the beginning (maps, tokens etc.) you can also fairly easily improvise, although that was the hardest part getting used to. It’s way easier to draw sth with a pencil on a piece of paper or show it otherwise, than draw it à la paint (but maybe that’s just me…).

Dynamic lighting is super cool, although you need a 5$ subscription for it to work. I like using it, especially when you have someone that likes to run ahead. Those “oh oh…” moments create funny situations, because it’s only one player that sees what’s happening, while the others have to catch up and get close to actually see something :slight_smile:

I also had to get used to the fact that via webcam, your facial expressions are what matters most. This is how you transmit most of the things, whereas your body language won’t even be seen. I do recommend webcam + mic, it just comes closer to the usual feeling, but I guess that depends on the person.

Oh and the macros can also make your life easier, if you invest time in that :wink:

All in all I largely prefer playing in person, but this is as close as it gets when you have people living on all continents, and it’s getting close enough to still have as much fun :smiley:


I got Audrey and she’d be interested.
I guess I will try to set a game up… I’ll see what I can do over the WE and maybe try to get something ready in February…


Nice work mate! Looking forward to it.

Has it really been three years? My, how time flies.

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I’d love to join, considering that I’ll be living in exile soon myself…

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Oh, are you moving away from Vienna? Temporarily?

[quote=“DoomCarrot, post:14, topic:1822, full:true”]
I’d love to join, considering that I’ll be living in exile soon myself…[/quote]
Able was I ere I saw Luxembourg …

Incidentally, I have a little alumni/alumnae game planned with this in mind. Stay tuned!

Possibly temporarily - who knows! I’m going to Luxembourg…