RPGVMC - RTEE ... RPG Vienna Minecraft - Raid the End Event

What a mouthful… Anways!

Everyone, when do you have time to raid the end together? I’m making an event out of it. Let me know when in the next two weeks you have time and then we go there and raid it together. We’ve had our dungeons, now it’s time for dragons!

You can vote here on when you have time so I can fix a date in the coming week.


Also, for everyone who has not joined our Minecraft community yet, It’s open to newcommers, I’m not gatekeeping. PM ME SO I CAN WHITELIST YOU! Server IP is:

I’ll lock the poll by friday probably, any input, criticism or feedback appreciated

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So there hasn’t been too many votes unfortunately but it seems clear that Sunday the 10th fits most people best.

The end will be raided on Sunday the 10th December At 11:00 AM

Hope to see you there Lets gly around with elytra