RPG Vienna: Roleplaying Games in English ... in German?!

Various people here have, at various times, mentioned being curious about the classic German fantasy game Das Schwarze Auge. All right, why not. Anybody interested in giving this a shot?

(Offer also open to nostalgic German-speakers.)

Sounds interesting. I have been curious about the black eye for a while

Definitely the preferred translation. :mrgreen:

Hi, is this post still a thing?

I am a native austrian and the black eye is the only system i have experience with, althought not that much.
Therefore i would like to get to play the black eye a little more, before exploring oher games of the genre.

So if you are looking for players, call me interessted.

I mean I would like to join in no matter what language. :smile:
If you’ve got a slot open, consider me stoked.

I’ll join in german or english - just let me know if you have a place for me :wink: