RPG Vienna Minecraft Server

No long fluff.

I’m introducing the RPG-VIENNA Minecraft Server

Launch Party is on Sunday the 12th November at 10:00 AM.

I hope to have many adventures with you in this world!

There’s only two ground rules:

  • Don’t grief or be disrespectful. Be respectful of other players. While obvious it’s something I still want to mention out of principle I guess. This is not something I’m concerned about and I’m giving you all the benefit of the doubt. This community is amazing and there aren’t even any cheaters here. (And what would even be the point) Unless given reason(s) to the contrary everything is possible as per default. Kind of like based on an honor system?

  • Before you join the Server, send me (here or on Discord) your in-game Tag, so I can whitelist you. The server is accessible to anyone from the community and their friends. However I want to prevent random people of being able to join the server and I want to know who/how many players we have on it. If you send me a request and are registered on the forum I will automatically grant it.

That all being said, I set up the server for the community. If you guys feel like changing something about the server, adding new rules or anything along those lines I have an ear for it. Especially if you’re more active on the Minecraft server. – I’m thinking for instance of not whitelisting people who haven’t been on the forums for a long enough amount of time for instance. Two weeks say? Or if they haven’t participated in a RPG-Vienna game yet. However I’m unwilling to enforce on that at the moment – I want this as a community thing after all, that is the point. Let’s build some cool things together. Maybe RPG-Vienna village?

P.S.: How do I set this up as an event like the weekly value games? :sweat_smile:


I believe the event calendar is only available in the ‘Arrange a Game’ subforum

I won’t be joining (never cared for Minecraft) but wish you a ton of fun with it :slight_smile:


I look forward to egg throwing!


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Haiihaii! I’d love to join, always been a big fan of minecraft servers :star_struck: My tag is “DiiBun” <3

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Little reminder for everyone interested to send me their game tags if you want to participate tomorrow.

Btw, the server IP is: though ill only take the server online tomorrow shortly before 10:00AM

The Minecraft sever is now online. Feel free to join anytime. I’ll be hanging out in the voice channel if you want to hang out and chat :slightly_smiling_face:

Sad news. I’m putting the Minecraft server on hold. To get to the point, no one has been online since mid December (including me) so there just clearly isn’t enough interest to maintain it. However I do not wish to rob anyone of the time and effort they have put into the game. I have downloaded a backup of the world and am willing to share it with anyone if they request it. Should there be enough renewed interest I’m also open to hosting the server again. Admittedly I never even advertised the fact that we have a Minecraft server at all, so after the initial surge of 10ish players no new people joined in. I hope you guys can understand my decision.

P.S.: @frogemiah should the server ever go back up I owe you a hill flattening service


I am distraught, however it makes sense. I will take you up on the hill-flattening! :slight_smile: