RPG Vienna goes World Cup

Dear all,

The World Soccer Cup Championship of Football is once again upon us, and as has become tradition, several of us will be getting together to watch some of the games. If you’re interested in joining us, just post here or drop me a line.

We’ll be opening the festivities at 5 today at Secret Noodle Place before hitting Spielbar afterwards. See you there?

(For those who have sufficient clearance to read this, Secret Noodle Place is at the corner of Arne Carlsson Park. And we truly do have to play Paranoia again one of these days.)

In case of rain, tv outage or locusts, we’ll presumably be heading to WUK just up the road. Catch you later!

Face paint, incidentally is optional.

Next date: 5pm today at WUK! Join the likes of Alrikinho and Ze Gridshadow (and possibly a very special guest star) as we spend our Sunday afternoon watching grown men chase a ball around!

See you there!

Up next: England vs. Tunisia.

8pm tonight at Secret Noodle Place - be there!


(So when I hit submit, the fucking software asks me whether the above is a complete sentence, because apparently nobody has ever published a sentence fragment on the Internet before and we wouldn’t want to start that trend now, and I say, no shit it’s a sentence, because while we’re all hip and stuff and use texty shorthand, if you want to break it down there’s an actual legitimate verb in there, so I click OK just like the fucking software tells me to, because yeah, I’m sure it’s a complete sentence, but it still doesn’t publish my absolutely complete sentence, shorthand though it may be, because apparently nobody has ever published a sentence fragment on the Internet before and we wouldn’t want to start that trend now, so I’m forced to add another complete sentence, namely this very one, to this post so that the fucking software will actually publish it and you can read the original complete sentence and join us at Secret Noodle Place if you want to hang out and watch the game - soccerball version - before toddling off to Spielbar for the game - roleplaying version - but who knows whether I’m even going to make it there myself because I’m stuck here writing a complete sentence that the fucking software will actually recognize as such, allowing the original sentence to finally be posted.)


AKH@2pm eggplant memorable inspecting very if.

(Extra words added for benefit of software to simulate complete sentence.)

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8 pm today, Stiegl-Ambulanz @ AKH, verb.

See you!

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Tuesday: Tintin v Asterix

Wednesday: Gridshadow v 50 Years of History

Sunday: All the Marbles

Venues TBD. Join us!

Location confirmed. TBD=SNP. Solve for x.

Unless it rains again. In which case TBD=SNP=AKH or something. Or we can just get drenched again.

Also, Wednesday might be a bit of a thing, so if you only watch one soccerfootballgame this year, make it this one.

And speaking of things, when I posted that link yesterday, I wasn’t aware that that song was one. Makes sense, though. Waking up to today’s headlines would be enough to make anyone yearn for the days of Britpop.

Three Lions. Cool then, cool now.

See you today, see you tomorrow. As they used to say back when Britannia was cool, be here now.

Gee, it only took half an hour from my scheduling an outdoor event for the year’s biggest downpour, complete with hail.

Everybody has one superpower!

(Nonetheless, tonight’s soccerballwatching will go on unimpeded.)

Update: SNP called off tonight in favor of drier ground. If you were planning on coming, drop me a line to coordinate alternate venue.

It’s time for the grand finale! Show time is 5 o’clock tomorrow, Secret Noodle Place, although some of us might meet early to roleplay or kick a ball around or something.

See you!

(Also: Somehow I’m taking deep joy from the words “This topic will automatically close in 155 years” beneath this thread. There’s something nice about imagining this site still being up and running then.)


Well, as our admin @Neil is a mighty mind flayer (I mean, it is his profile picture, it has to be legal!) and those can live for 135 years (or more - assuming no “loot-and-XP”-hungry adventurers), I find it realistic, the site shall be up and running (even if we won’t)

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Speak for yourself! :sunglasses: