RPG stores in Vienna 2021

Greetings all.
I was wondering what’s the best stocked RPG store in Vienna in 2021. I’m primarily interested in non-WotC publishers like Chaosium, Modiphius, Fria Ligan, Atlas Games, Riotminds, Pelgrane…things like that. Also, does any of them practice custom ordering?

welcome :slight_smile:

there are two:

Otto-Bauer-Gasse 19/1, 1060 Vienna (close to Mariahilferstraße)
plus they are good folks … and without them this forum would probably don’t even exist

Friedmanngasse 13, 1160 Vienna
have the advantage, that you could look at their website, what they have in stock
also they have a game room (not used right now obviously^^)

I believe both do

I collect the Call of Cthulhu books released by Chaosium and Planet Harry is great for that! If you want they can put you on the mailing lists for specific games or publishers and you will get informed when they receive the new stuff. They usually put copies aside for their regulars so you won’t miss out! Planet Harry also keeps quite a stock of english books thankfully! (I don’t want to buy german books since I either play online or here with international crowds).

If you are looking for specific stuff that they don’t have in stock you can also order over them.

I think Siren Games does the same.

Thank you all for useful information.