RPG St. Pölten?

An Austrian colleague of mine just started to play D’n’d in St. Pölten, but after two sessions, she realized, she can’t come along with her current DM and looking for another group in that area.

1.) Do you know any groups (hopefully with a good DM for beginners) in the area of St. Pölten?


2.) Do you know any other forum (beyond this one), which focuses on rpg in the Austrian area (or has a subpage/subforum for that) and one could find a group/arrange a game in the Austrian countryside?

As for language, I think she prefers German; but she speaks English as well (if the games are run in English)

This is the only forum :grin:

thanks, good to know…
(at least in Vienna we have a high density of rpg players!)

Before I set this forum up, I had a look around for some other forums like it. I believe ‘Die Festung’ was one of them. They’re more into tabletop minis (40k etc.) but I’m pretty sure they had a smattering of RPG posts on there. I think ENWorld had a ‘player map’ where you could search a local map for players who had registered. Give that a try too. (that’s where I found @AmLash)

There’s always Facebook groups too. I don’t like facebook for forum like discussions. (it’s REALLY bad for that sort of thing!)

Lastly, if there’s enough interest I’d have no problem with setting up a German speaking subforum for people. (I registered rpgaustria.com a couple of years back ‘just in case’ ;))