RPG player/DM :)

Hello everybody,

I am new on this page (just now I created my account) and I have been in Vienna for about 2.5 years and I dont have any RPG/game group to enjoy long and “geeky” nights. So, if anybody needs someone to play any kind of game, I will be very happy :slight_smile: Anyway, I will just tell something about me:

I started playing AD&D in 1999… I was an active player till I moved to Europe (in 2009). I was a player but mainly DM. I have also played Vampire Masquerade, Cthulu, StarWars, Indiana Jones (and of course custom made games) but I have only directed AD&D (this is my… “speciality” lets call it like that… but only means that I dont suck at it… that much XD, and Indiana Jones, and the games that I “invented”). I also enjoy board games.

I am basically looking for a party, but I dont have any books here… so, at the beginning it would be as a player, but you can consider me as a potentially game director… and we just change roles with the other director (once I get active, sometimes I prefer to direct).

I can play in English, Spanish or French :slight_smile:

So, thanks for reading this message,


Welcome to the board!
Hope you’ll find a group soon.

Welcome on board!

English, Spanish and French? I have never gamed in Spanish…

Anyway, it seems like new interested people show up on these boards every few weeks so, it should not be too difficult to find a group! BEst of luck!

the next gm with ranks in linguistics xD

welcome to the board and i´m sure u will find a group in no time xD