RPG groups to follow

Many of our members got into playing RPG by watching Critical Role, so their efforts (and in general, the role of web series of rpg groups) have a great influence on today’s rpg scene.

Which other rpg groups do you follow (and why?)

The only other one I watch regularly besides Critical Role is Callisto 6. I don’t even quite understand why - the start of Callisto 6 is bumpy enough, I couldn’t much get into the cast when they were doing Shield of Tomorrow (a Star Trek RPG series) before, the story plays in the weirdest cyberpunk/superhero mashup universe that I have ever seen, and I had never even heard of the system they are using before (Cypher). But the characters and the story have really gripped be, somehow. I’d go as far as to say that Callisto 6 is, at times, better than Critical Role (and I’m quite the fanboy for that show, for all its faults). The only things I can objectively pinpoint as to why I like Callisto 6 is that the cast is almost entirely female and that they have some great representation of minority viewpoints in their characters - both very refreshing, I find!

I like aquisitions incorporated, mostly for the entertainment value and humor.

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