Rolled a 1 for creative subject name; so.. Hi there!

Hello fine people of rpgvienna!

Let’s get over a quick introduction first. My name is Peter, or any variation thereof. I’ve been playing various pen&paper games for about 3 years now (predominantly dnd but having recently picked up pathfinder), and about 1,5 years ago I managed to get my longtime girlfriend into it as well.

We are currently in an epic (having gone over the stretch of 1,5 years with no end in sight) campaign that I am DM’ing, our other player being of her roommates. As you can imagine, playing with just two players can get a bit bland after such a long time; and since our third member is quite busy with studying,me and my girlfriend were thinking about expanding the pool of players by a bit.

Now if you would be interested in joining the super long campaign, or are running a regular longer-term campaign with at least 2 sessions per month, and have room for 2 more players hit me up with a message, or answer in the thread below.

I would rather meet over a coffee and talk about potential campaigns, since both my gf and I dislike one-shots so there should be a deal of sympathy involved :slight_smile:.

I’ve also visited the get-together last thursday, but since I have such specific ideas in mind it felt wrong to just ask random people if they are up for those two things :slight_smile:

Now enjoy the stormy night with some hot tea, and hopefully exciting encounters :wink:

Sounds fun - we’re currently planning a longer campaign, but maybe we can combine the two! Which system are you running?

I’d definitely be up for gaming, but have to warn you now that my job sends me abroad quite often so I can’t guarantee I’ll make every session…

Pretty much up for any variation of dnd (excluding 4th). so 3.5 and pathfinder would be prefered choices, but I could read into 5th edition as well (give me a couple of weeks head start).

Not making every single session is no problem whatsoever, we all have jobs/uni, so I don’t think anybody would mind.

Can you elaborate on “we” are planning? I’ve read in the other post that you would be willing to host, which would be great because we really couldn’t fit in more than 1 or 2 more people. How about DM’ing? Is somebody already up for it?