Restored from Backup, lost last 5 days of data

Hi all,
I had to perform some maintenance on the server today (like I do every few weeks) and the upgrade failed. I tried some things to fix it but in the end I couldn’t. I had to restore the site from one of the regular automatic backups. Unfortunately this means we lost the last 5 days worth of data (posts. private messages etc.)

Sorry about that! I have to say though, this is the only time in 9 (!) years this has happend so it could have been much worse :wink:

sorry @Wonderwonka I know you posted a thread yesterday about setting up a game after the quarantine. Please re-create it.

Lesson learned: do the maintenance just after the backups are created! :slight_smile:

I think we rather deserve that as you try to keep this forum technically alive & upgrade it alone for 9 years. For free. For this fact itself, you already have a booked place in the Hall of Heroes (at least, for the Vienna Community) and thank you.


Thanks for the kind words @S_journ! I’m annoyed that it happened but at the same time relieved that the backup system is working properly

Fess up: you tried to create a poll, didn’t you? :smiley: