Rescheduling Call of Cthulhu one-shot

How does Saturday, June 30 work for people?

Sounds good for me.

Ought to work.

By the way, if you find you don’t have time to prepare, just drop me a line and I’ll run something instead…

Ok, so we have -H-, Simon, and Jkirsteen… anyone else? H, are you bringing anyone?

Me too, please. Can pay with ice cream :wink:

k, Philipp, -H-, Simon, Jkirsteen and Noel. I think that’s a good group for my first GM attempt.

Where are we gonna play?

You know, I thought we were playing at Simon’s, but I realize I’ve just been assuming that. How rude of me. Simon, is your place available?

Confirmed 2pm at Simon’s.

It’s also a pretty big group for a first attempt. Let’s all promise to be good and make life easy for our DM!

Haaa, I’m sure she will do great.

But I do promise to be extra-nice.