Regular Time for Friday?

Ive been at the last friday night session, which mentioned that it was a bit later than normal (19:00). What time is the norm otherwise? Its important for my Work. Thx in advance.

It’s usually at 19:00. I can’t actually think of any recent exceptions to that. Usually people are there a bit early to gather up. Sometimes games start a few minutes later since people who got delayed are still coming in. Or in rarer circumstances, the person who unlocks the location is late and people have to gather and wait outside. But just remember 19:00 and you should be good


i think one game for the other location did state the were starting later than usual (19:30), but yeah as Mexikorn said, 19:00 is pretty normal as our starting time on fridays

@Mexikorn , @Tersidian Thx for clearing this up :sweat_smile: