Regular board-game meetings?

Now with official wish list:

  • Game of throne
  • Rampage
    -Twilight imperium / runewar
  • Descent

So, the other day, a few of use were discussing that it might be fun to organise some regular boardgames.

In fact, some enterprising souls have already started meeting for games of netrunner…

However, boardgames tend to have stricter restrictions for players, so it would require a bit more organisation.

I think, the best way to do that is too copy the following format:

[color=#0000FF]Game to be played:[/color]
[color=#0000FF]Time and Location:[/color]
[color=#0000FF]Limit of players:[/color]
[color=#0000FF]Expected duration of a game:[/color]
[color=#0000FF]People already scheduled:[/color]

For example…

[color=#0000FF]Game to be played:[/color] Settlers of Catan
[color=#0000FF]Time and Location:[/color]Tuesday 19h30 at the Spielbar (to be confirmed)
[color=#0000FF]Limit of players:[/color] 4
[color=#0000FF]Expected duration of a game:[/color] Around 1 hours, give or take 30 minutes
[color=#0000FF]People already scheduled:[/color] Tam, Alrick, Auburney, Simon

As people announce they they attend, the original poster can update that last part, that way, people reading it know if there is still a seat open for them…

Like the idea!

Can I use this thread also as a wish list?

Nevermind, I’ll do it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: I think it was Kay who brought the Game of Thrones board game to our Thursday group once. We didn’t play, but I’d really like to play this game again some time. Also, if anyone has Rampage… I’d loooove to try that.

A wish list is definitely a good idea and I second both suggestions.

I’d probably join you every once in a while. As to the suggestions, I might be a little hesitant to play overly alliancy/back-stabby games.

Would anybody be up for a game of Android sometime?

I’d be in occasionally as well.

@H: do you mean netrunner or sth else?

I was thinking of the Android board game, whose world was used for the new Netrunner card game.

We’re not going to play Netrunner any more, by the way. We’re all afraid of the things you’d find a way to stack …