Red Dead Redemption 2 - Who's played it?

Greetings all!

I just wanted to gush a little bit about RDR2. I bought the digital edition on PS4 and played it for pretty much the entire weekend. I can’t remember the last time I played a game so much in such a short amount of time!

Has anyone else played it or planning on picking it up?

first of all, thanks for getting the forum fixed as fast as you did after you got contacted :slight_smile:
second, i’ve heard a bit about RDR2, but it’s not really my style of game, still it’s good to hear that you’re having fun with it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads up!

As for RDR2, it’s obviously not for everyone. But if you liked the Hateful Eight…

I’ve just picked it up, unfortunately as a present for someone, but I definitely plan to play it myself. However, between the backlog of games I have to play, and the limited free time I have at the moment I decided I didn’t have 60 hours to dedicate to the game. And I know once I start playing I won’t be able to stop - as you’ve shown:

Frankly, if it’s as good as the first one (and all indications are it is better), then it’ll be amazing, plus who doesn’t want to play Grand Theft Horse? Although, as apparently horse deaths are permanent, I’m going be even more twitchy listening out for mountain lion growls than I was in the first game.

I’ve only bought one horse since the beginning. I called him ‘Ted’ (Father Ted ‘My Lovely Horse’ anyone?) then discovered that Ted was a She. :smiley: Me and Ted are as close as can be. I got ambushed by the O’Driscoll gang while crossing a bridge and they shot Ted who lay on the ground dying. The game told me I could ‘mercy kill’ or ‘revive’ but I didn’t have any ‘Horse Revival’ medicine.

After unleashing pure fury on those O’Driscoll bastards, I took one of their horses, rode 20 minutes to the nearest town, bought Horse Revival and rode 20 minutes back.

Ted was OK.

Me and Ted have seen some shit.

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OK, good - so not completely permanent then and thanks for the hint, I’ll make sure I remember to keep a stock of horse revival…

Good, at least those varmints were made to pay.

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What did you do to the other horse once you got back your loved Ted? Afraid to ask. :joy:

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I will say only one thing about this game: it’s a good thing that The Witcher 3 set a benchmark.

Neil sighting!

@stochastic_wolf I can’t work out if this is a negative thing or a positive thing?