Recruiting Players

Good morning all!

A group of three 4th level Pathfinder characters (plus GM) is looking for 2 more to add to the fun.

We lost two players (one moved to Salzburg, the other is too occupied with studying to find time for the game) and are searching for replacements.

Currently we are playing the Kingmaker adventure path, the group consists of a half-elf winter witch (Meave, played by Bazhell), a human fighter (Kudos, played by Thopthes) and an elf ranger (Marius, played by FloRad).

A divine spellcasters would be greatly appreciated, but playing without one is a possibility.

Our schedules so far let us play about once every other week, mostly Friday afternoon/evening (4pm - 10pm or so), near Westbahnhof. (The occasional Saturday worked as well, but was an irregularity)

If you are interested, post any questions here or PM me.

The GM

No one is interested? That just can’t be.

Show yourself!

If you are interested, post any questions here or PM me. [/quote]

I am interested
I would like to play a priest or priestess (read: cleric, oracle or paladin)

3 questions:

  1. Any preferred pathfinder religions?
  2. What are the alignments of the other characters? I do not want, that the dogma of the religion of my character will cause party infighting.
  3. Is the playstyle of this campaign/your group more “light hearted”, “dark & twisted” or “beer & pretzels”?

Hey Darthbinks!
A divine class would be a very welcome addition.

Religions: Erastil is the most worshipped god in the area we are playing, followed by Desna, Cayden Cailean and Pharasma.
Abadar could be an interesting choice as well as most other good and neutral gods.

Alignment: going by memory and playing reference here: The witch should be CN, The fighter N, The Ranger NG, maybe LG.
we had a Paladin in the group for some time, that was a bit controversial, as most Paladins are.
The witch and the fighter aren’t always on the same side of arguments, yet still the fighter carries some of the witches equipment (her having a STR of 10 and all).

Re: Playstyle: mostly “beer & pretzels”, I’d say.

But my players are welcome to come here and reply as well, to set some things straight, expand on things and so forth.

Hi there possible player xD

Me plays the Witch
and about the argument thing…IF there is the possibility of innocence i intent to not kill blindly everything “for honor” as our fighter does

but if there is evil afoot then my motto is KILL IT WITH Fire, ICE, ICE I MEANT ICE

and about the playstyle…we kinda play serious with pretzels in our mouths xD or other delicous sweets xD (would say kinda cliché like group, sometime serious sometimes funny, but we get forward…except for the one time with the “castle rushing” discussion xD)

Looks around
What … is this place? … I can hear you but not see you.

Well said Meave!

To honor! (or pretzels)

i send the DM a PM with 4 divine character concepts :mrgreen:
(one oracle and 3 clerics)


… a wild Halfling Cleric of Calistria appears :mrgreen:

p.s.: thanks for the game^^

So we have one more player in the group, one additional spot that might be filled.

Is someone interested?