Recommended, short one-shots for 5e?

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Now, this is easily one of the most asked questions but I’d really like to get the opinion from all of you here.

If you, as the DM, had a group of people new to 5e what are some of the best one shots for introducing them to the game?

Secondly what about one shots in general. What are some of the best you’ve played?

it depends a bit … I have a homebrew one shot which I usually just dub “Prison Escape” or “Escape from the Mad Dragons Dungeon” which I wrote specifically with “teaching new players some of the usual mechanics” in mind (though I never finished writing it up as a complete pdf or anything as I’m way too lazy :smiley: )
I also very much enjoy DMing “DDIA-XGE - Underworld Speculations”.
The “Bleeding Gate” adventures (CCC-BLD-1-1 - CCC-BLD-1-3) are pretty fun, though their level pacing is a bit off imho.
And I also very much like the concept of most if not all official AL adventure from season 4 (the Curse of Strahd season) so “DDAL-4-01” all the way through to “DDAL-4-06” (there are more but I haven’t run them or played them, so I can’t be sure).

All of these recommendations come with the caveat that they were written specifically for AL and tend to be quite railroady to keep within the time constraints that usually includes.

I’ve also run the proposed introductory adventure for CoS “Death House” as a oneshot with decent success, though it probably would work better as a 2 session thing, as the end of it pretty much always has to be rushed or arborted in a single session.

I had a really good experience with “DDEX-11- Defiance in Phlan”, especially with Mission 1 (The Meeting at Deepnight).
This basically an 0,5-1-hour long (“short”?) session about a meeting which goes wrong.
However, as it is obvious for the players, it sounds too easy, they might try to make plans, do their own investigation and so on. The meeting can be handled in multiple ways (fight is optional), hence all type of players can find their favored elements in this game and it is just long enough to figure out, whether this is the right hobby for them.

As for one-shots, I had so many great nights at Spielbar (from @gridshadow’s time travelling games, through @H’s annual “ACTION!”-sessions, @irx’s Jenga-based time-warping mysteries, @Simon’s “on-the-spot-improvised-one-shots” and from all the other great DM’s who dropped by to Spielbar to run a game), it is almost impossible to choose one.
However, if I have to take a 5e-one-shot, then I’d go with @Darthbinks’s roman/greek-era game
(I don’t want to provide more info to avoid spoilers - but that was very well crafted session with a very witty underlying theme).

@S_journ thanks :smiley:
(I think it was even your birthday - which made it even better)
If the numbers would suggest, that meeting in person would be possible again, I will gladly run it again

@Neil I told my D&D group about our Star Wars oneshot today :rofl:
good times! :smiley:

Regarding purchaseable 5E adventures:
I ran Shore of Dreams a couple of times, and had a blast every time
highly recommended :+1: … but its made for 5-7th lvl PC’s

runner ups would be:
Pudding Faire is also great every time
:point_right: that’s probably an adventure I would run for a D&D introduction adventure
Escape from Wheloon is also a very solid starting adventure
I also had good experiences in combining Shear with Wild Sheep Chase (v2)

in addition for Levels 5-10, but worth mentioning, are:
Sven’s The Lamenting Lighthouse, that I had the pleasure to playtest, is also really great!
My favorite AL adventure, I have dm-ed up until now would be DDAL05-05 A Dish Best Served Cold
My favorite AL adventure, I have experienced as a player up until now, has been @BufoBufo’s DDAL08-10 The Skull Square Murders … but I love Skullport … so maybe I am a bit biased ^^

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the best rpg-oneshot I ever dm-ed, has been
a Tenra Bansho Zero (a japanese total-war Magi-Tech RPG) oneshot with 3 Italians including @KauraKuitu

… so much emotion … so much passion … it was mindblowing!!! :exploding_head: :heart_eyes:

Yes, it was mine - and we even got to the high score list with our performance!

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