Recommendations for outdoor RPG

Amongst some of the Thursday players, people have been talking about meeting for an outdoor RPG. Instead of going back to Spielbar. At least in summer when the days are long and the weather is nice.

A general question though is, where could you do this? Do you know any good places, for people to meet up and play?

Does anybody have experience doing something like this?

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yes :slight_smile:

last summer I dm-ed a short outdoor rpg-campaign :seedling: :evergreen_tree: :partying_face: :evergreen_tree: :seedling:
(for a 100% homeoffice/no-job group)

  • test everyone before
  • pick a remote location (if someone has a garden … that would be even better)
  • make sure everyone knows exactly what location you have picked and how to get there :sunglasses:
  • if you are meeting close to the Viennese woods make sure everyone has their FSME vaccination!!!
  • use a rules-light system (e.g. SHERPA), ideally with less dice that you could loose (e.g. Capers or Star Childern: Velvet Generation both use playing cards)
  • everyone brings their picnic blanket (there are great waterproof ones as well)
  • start early … sun in Vienna sets minutes before 9pm in June/July

the exact location depends where you & the other players are living:
donauinsel, prater, schwarzenbergpark, türkenschanzpark, dreimarkstein and cobenzl were pretty crowded last summer … but you can find even some “lonely” spots there

happy gaming :slight_smile:

P.S.: another thing:

schwarzenbergpark, türkenschanzpark, and pötzleinsdorfer park (among others) have the oak processionary caterpillars active in May/June

some people are allergic to them (their hairs are super-fine and can travel quite far thanks to the wind)
which can cause caterpillardermatitis

so you better not pick a location under an oak ^^

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Thanks for the post and the suggestions!

Also, now we know for sure from the level of details, @Darthbinks is actually a druid/ranger!

Sherpa is delightful. It’s actually designed to be played while hiking, so it’s perfect for this sort of thing.

(The fellow who wrote it also seems very nice.)

Darth probably knows more about this than I do, but I’d just play safe and get the shot when planning on spending any significant amount of time outdoors, whether close to the woods or not. It’s an entirely avoidable risk.

I got hit by this while watching a ballgame at Freudenau a couple years ago. It was not fun. Rash and severe itching lasted more than a week. No need to flinch at the sight of every tree, but if you see an area that’s cordoned off, stay well away.

In any case, don’t let any of this scare you off. Just take a precaution or two. There are loads of awesome outdoor spots in this town, and I’m looking forward to all kinds of outdoor gaming this summer.

actually it’s wizard/bard^^ :sunglasses:

Can confirm. :slight_smile:

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