Recommendation for Sound Effect Apps

Hi all.

I like to include sound effects from soundboard apps in my campaign. Sadly any app I tried so far did not really meet my expectations or hopes.

Does anybody here use soundboard apps (weather effects, animal noises, monster noises, atmosphere and ambient…)? Would you have any recommendation or apps that are worthwhile to check out?


Do you have tried There are quite a number of free sound sets but certainly they are also selling sounds/ subscriptions. The have backgrounds and effects. The free market and tavern sound sets show some potential.

Hey Patrick.

I already gave syrinscape a shot but the sluggish design and UI made me uninstall it again. I would not mind spending a few Euros for an app but if the basic UX of the App is already not very good I do not feel like it would be worth it.

Thank you for your reply though!


we used for an Underdark campaign,
worked really well :smiley:

Thank you for the suggestion, will check it out in more detail! However it looks like there is only a web version, no app.