Ready Player One - A Must-Read for Any Gamer/Geek/Nerd!

Just finished the book, can’t recommend it enough. Particularly if your a Generation X/Yer…it is full of late-70s/80s trivia and cultural references. Makes gamers–most of whom closet away their guilty RPG/gaming/sci fi pleasures from the public–seem cool! Two thumbs way up!


Thank you very much for this recommendation, it was a great read.

OASIS reminded me of what the press expected from Second Life a couple years ago.

And I wish zettabyte drives would already be a reality :mrgreen:

I guess it’s time to read the book again: Ernest Cline hid an Easter Egg inside the printed versions and the prize is a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor.

jbrown and Philipp, you’re both ACE
I finished the book yesterday and it was amazing. There’s even a Ghostbusters reference on the first page. I really hope they do a good job with the film version.

The only thing I never really connected with was all the Manga stuff. I recognised it but it didn’t interest me that much. All the retro gaming stuff was amazing though. Loved it. Cheers guys.

Just finished, and yes, FABULOUS.

Damn, you are fast!


didnt know half of the things thou…
but now i know what to look for^^

I friigin loved that book- I even got my mom to read it, because she was big on Godzilla and Megaman when she was little. She loved it too!

And so it begins!.. :mrgreen:

Just got around to reading this. Picked it up at a used book store for a buck a while back (since it included a dollar bill that someone had used as a bookmark, this seemed like a pretty decent deal), but left it languishing on the shelves. So much to read, so little time …

Should have done so sooner - this was pretty fun. You think I’d enjoy a book about a guy with “a lifelong obsession for the 1980s” essentially acting as a worldwide DM, that even includes a character called Aech?

Mmm … could be.

Looks like Spielberg will be running the show. We definitely should go see this one.

So which demented Gen X fantasy is crazier, Ready Player One or being a hero and saving the world from a terrifying global epidemic by staying at home reading, listening to some tunes, watching movies and playing games solo?

Tough call. I need some informed opinions here.

Hehe, good one!

I also considered the idea of dropping here a Sherlock Holmes/Poirot fantasy (solve crimes from your armchair only by using the theater of mind) reference, but it wouldn’t fit as well as Ready Player One - these detectives always gather everybody into one room first (not good for avoiding infections)

So what’s the enthusiasm meter reading for Ready Player Two?

On the one hand, RP1 was awesome. On the other, Armada was … not.

Thoughts? Anybody going to pick it up? I think I’m going to wait for some early reviews …

Wait, there is a second one? Or is it coming?

Publication date is 24th of November

I have it on order for audible, I will let you know what I think but the next sanderson comes out first so it may be a while

Well, now that we’re in lockdown, we’ll be waiting two additional weeks anyway. Plenty of time to check the reviews. Here’s hoping …

Yeah, reviews are pretty ugly.

I don’t think namecheck is the right word, though, at least not from what I’ve seen so far. Armada namechecked. This seems different, more like somebody cracking a joke and then spending more time explaining the punchline than on the actual telling.

Sigh. We’ll always have RP1 …

But hey, at least I have 867-5309 stuck in my head for the rest of the day, so it’s not a total loss.