Prep before first session

A couple friends and I are thinking of attending one of the friday sessions. We’re all new to D&D, we’ve had two sessions in one campaign so far at home, but the group can’t get together that often.

I was wondering what prep work we should do before coming. Should we have our characters already rolled, or will we generate characters there? I’ve read enough stuff and watched enough tutorials (since I’m DMing our campaign) to understand character building, so we wouldn’t need help doing so - more what is preferred by you folks?

we usually have a couple of pregens there (at least when i’m there), you can always bring your own or if you come early enough create your own characters, but make sure to read through the ALPG (Adventure League Player’s Guide) for Forgotten Realms Season 8 and follow the rules laid out there

other than that, just make sure to announce you’re coming in the relevant thread that usually goes up at least a couple of days before friday, so we can be know ahead wether we got enough DMs for the day or not :slight_smile:

Thanks! As far as I understand it, unless I missed anything, ALPG creation rules are just PHB + 1 and no evil except lawful in the right guilds, yes?

One more question - I assume not, but does regular attendance matter or are the adventures run mostly drop-in-drop-out?

adventures are mostly drop-in-drop-out, the creation rules are a bit more specific:

  • your +1 can’t be the DMG
  • your race can’t have flying
    these are the 2 that come to mind immediately,
    it also specifies which variant rules are allowed, like variant human and that you have to use either standard array or point buy for your attributes, also that you get the equipment from your class and background as it is not allowed to roll for start gold and buy stuff with that