Preferred System

For me, I prefer Pathfinder. I’m fairly new to RPGs (and I only started GMing two months ago!) although I’m gaining an interest in the retro-clones like Swords and Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord etc. There’s also a copy of The One Ring on my shelf (which we’ll hopefully get to play at some point this year)

I’m hearing big things about The 13th Age RPG…a more streamlined version of D&D that’s currently being play tested.

What else would you recommend and why?

I absolutely LOVED Star Wars d20, because I could be an almost completely force-less Jedi (I threw all my skill and force commands into lightsaber dueling). The scope of classes and races was also terrific. It can be a little overwhelming – we had easily 20 sourcebooks being passed around the table at any given time – but that level of detail also made it much more immersive.

I liked Shadowrun, but if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t be a magic-user. I think the game is more loaded to the tech side.

I like to see what people make out of a game system. Every DM has some house rules, some way to explain how the rules are logical in his world.

But if I had to choose which one I prefer it would probably be d20. It’s not the best system out there, but I got attached to it.

I see RPG-Rules/Setting more as a tools for a painter.

If I have an idea for a RPG, then I start to think, what kind of system would emphasis the things important to me in this story.

My favorites Systems so far:

Mutant & Masterminds
Cinematic Unisystem (with rule-hacks for XP)
Unknown Armies
New World of Darkness

In the last year I tried some nice Indie Games


Dungeons the Dragoning 40k 7th Edition
Eclipse Phase
Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone

I was just talking to a friend in the States, who lives in a fairly remote location with her husband. She would like to explore tabletop, but has the aforementioned remote location problem. Are there any good TWO PERSON tabletop games? I don’t know of any, but I thought this would be the group to ask.

She LOVES Arkham Horror, and is really tempting me to try it out.

[quote=“Siobhan”]Are there any good TWO PERSON tabletop games? I don’t know of any, but I thought this would be the group to ask.

She LOVES Arkham Horror, and is really tempting me to try it out.[/quote]

Expedited Retreat Press put out a series of One-on-One adventures for one GM and one PC for D&D 3.5 (I believe they’ve also updated them for Pathfinder too. I’ve looked over Gamblers Quest and it seems pretty good.

It’s possible to play D&D/PFRPG with just two people but you need to beef up the PC a little bit. Or change to the module to allow 1 PC to complete it.

If she’s into Arkham Horror maybe she should check out Call of Cthulhu or Trail of Cthulhu, apparently that’s pretty easy to adapt for one “Investigator”

THANK YOU! I was really thinking the answer was no, I am so very happy to give her something to play!

And I recommended Cthulu, along with the first lesson I ever learned playing it: do NOT get attached to your character.

You’re welcome.

BTW a quick search for “DnD Solo modules” brings up quite a few interesting results. The results generally assume that “Solo” means “1 GM and 1 PC” so that might help.

Haven’t played Cthulhu stuff yet but I really want to at some point (reading one of Lovecraft’s compilation books at the moment)

Heh, Cthulu is a lot of fun, but seriously, do NOT spend more than 15 minutes on your char. A VERY quick background sketch and roll it up. And have 2 more in your head for WHEN that first one dies or goes insane.


I agree with Neil, at least in D&D, you can adapt or write your scenario for solo adventures somewhat easillyish without even needing a change to the rules.
Especially if you give your player a minion (like they did in the original NWN video game). Personally, I’d make it an animal companion, either a real animal or a summoned creature (like Drizzt’s panther).
I think a druid and his faithful animal companion would work pretty well and make thematic sense.

A few years ago, I was reading a blog about somebody writing a one person campaign for his girlfriend and it seemed to work pretty well…

Anyway, I know it has received a lot of flack, but my favourite system is probably D&D 4th Edition, because it can get pretty tactical with all the secondary effects, and I really like this aspect of the game. Combat is not just about having the right stats or rolling well, it’s about strategy…

I also really liked Pendragon. The system is pretty interesting (it’s classless, and you improve your stats by using the abilities), and I love the general atmosphere that harks back to the Arthurian lore…

I heard that Dungeon Twister is for a 2 players only.

heard the same thing too

You guys are fabulous! Thank you!

I can totally see myself doing something like this: … -my-grade/