Post your favourite webcomics!

As Simon and I were talking about Strip Search ( … s-assemble ), a reality series about web cartoonists, it occured to us that the forum is missing a thread about webcomics!

So I’ll start with my favourites and hope to see your favourites as well: … ing-where/

If you’re are 18 (or 21 in some states) years old, you may visit the following link:

[quote=“AmLash”]So I’ll start with my favourites and hope to see your favourites as well:[/quote]good idea

my favourite is

Ménage à 3 (Rated R NSFW)


PHD Comics

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal


Scenes From A Multiverse

Questionable Content (art style greatly improves over time)

Romantically Apocalyptic

ooh, a few good ones not yet mentioned - time for some thread necromancy! :smiling_imp:

Goblins - Life Through Their Eyes, an affectionate parody of the rpg genre, with goblins as protagonists, pretty long running (since 2005), art and plot improve massively from those first few issues!

Girl Genius, a steampunky alternate history tale about… someone named Agatha Heterodyne… (that’s about how much can be told without spoilers :smiley: )

Freak Angels, by Warren Ellis (of Hellblazer and Transmetropolitan fame) and Paul Duffield (first thing I’ve seen of him, but appears to be an established cartoonist as well).
“23 years ago, twelve strange children were born in England at exactly the same moment. 6 years ago, the world ended. This is the story of what happened next.”
Features a flooded London, steam-powered helicopters and miniguns, mind-controlling mutant powers and a fuckton of foulmouthed british dialogue.
Finished at 144 episodes (of 6 pages each)

also, +1 for both Order of the Stick, and Romantically Apocalyptic… and yeah, Oglaf is simply hilarious too! :smiley:

For those who followed Strip Search, the winners comic launched on Monday and will update Monday and Thursday. Click here for the Website, if you want to watch the show and don’t like spoilers you probably should finish watching first though.

a reimagined version of the truly gorgous demon hunters from dead gentleman

a new find: Crossed … chapter-1/

NSFW! Features depravities, obscenities, blasphemies, romance and survivalist desperation! Not necessarily in that order!

(Crossed originally conceived by Warren Ellis for a 10-issue run, then franchised out to other writers - one of whom now made a free webcomic that got recently wrapped up after upwards of 100 issues/chapters/whatever-they-call-these-things-nowadays)

The Crossed are not-quite-Zombies, not-quite-Demons, not-quite-Human. They ARE scary as shit though, and make awesome enemies for a post-apocalyptic setting like this.

True Resurection needed here!

Lackadaisy (
A gorgeous Comic in the 1920s starring Cats. Dont throw this away as some furry smut, the artistic choice for cats helps getting moods to the Reader.

Weregeek (
A nerd/geek in denial finds himself searching for a gamestore on a full moon and finds new friends and adventure; also Drama.

Wilde Life (
a Comic about an dude buying a house on craigslist which is haunted and other bizarre adventures.

Daughter of the Lilies (
AMAZING Story which funny enough did not start as d&d and still gives every Fantasy nerd at least one hard ni**le.

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